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Tricot by Paola Navone

Tricot is a warm, protective, soft rug with unique technical characteristics. It is 100% made in Italy: from the very first idea to its production. It is made in a new polyolefin Italian fibre patented for outdoor use. It is also 100% non toxic, resistant to mould, bacteria, sunshine, humidity, chlorine, food stains and is compatible with the delicate skin of the newborn. Like wool it breathes and maintains temperature. This fibre is incredibly light and is unique in its ability to float. It can be washed for years at a temperature cycle of 40⁰ with little detergent and dries in just 5 minutes, without the need for ironing. It absorbs neither dirt nor odour.

Tricot is perfectly suited to contract, residential, nautical, spa, hotel and community situations in general.

It has a 5 year colour guarantee when used in any conditions. It is environment friendly: requiring little energy for cleaning, is durable and easily usable.

Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1.

It is 100% recyclable.

Tricot rugs are available in 8 different designs and colours.

Tricot rug dimensions are 110cm x 170cm.

“The image is a familiar domestic one of a slightly retro rug hand made by an aunt. What makes it really special is the thread with which it is made. It is a light soft fibre. Warm, as well as fire and water resistant. A fibre suitable for the outdoors which is soft and delicate to the skin. The colours are grey, white and black. Blue indigo. Turquoise. Acid green. Purple. An unexpected combination of colours that enhance the pattern and surface of the knit. Very big stripes. Squares. Diamond shapes forming a particular weblike pattern. And big dots. The edges of the rug are softly rolled.

Large and colourful, the rugs become gentle protection on summer evenings. Travelling companions in the car and boat. Affectionate covers to wrap yourself in whilst stargazing. Wherever you wish to dedicate and share special attention in the outdoors. With a touch of irony.” Paola Navone.


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