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UNOPIU’: a room in the open air

A journey through the essence of the new collections, 2020.

For more than 40 years, Unopiù, the leading company in the manufacture and distribution of outdoor design furniture, structures and accessories, has been creating complete collections, created to live the outdoor spaces like real rooms in the open air.

Unopiù’s proposals are expressly designed for the outdoors like extensive and small gardens, residential terraces, restaurants and hotels outdoor areas, villas in the woods with a view over the lake or over the sea, from Italy, to Europe and America and wherever nature finds a tiny angle to reveal its beauty.

From March to October, when flowers and plants give their best and days are warmer, Unopiù finds its privileged stage and its collections donate a unique touch to the living in the open air when it comes to relax, conviviality, play, reflection or mere contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us.

To sit down in the shade, to enjoy a sunny day, to breathe new life into us in the light of the Spring’s sun, to admire a starry sky or enjoy a dinner together, for Unopiù to design and develop projects means to interpret the many faces of outdoor living, representing the diverse stylistic souls and the evolution of the habits through its new collections which join together style, passion and research.

In order to discover together Unopiù six new outdoor furniture lines, we have conceived a journey through six key words: six wide concepts which suit the most part of the company proposals.


Unopiù tries to interpret changes. According to the trends of the sector which mark the creation of outdoor furnishings with technical and stylistic solutions very close to interiors furniture, Unopiù introduces the collection Deauville with new colours. A line of elegant and versatile modular lounge seating, designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, allowing to create multiple furnishing combinations.


Unopiù’s collections are conceived to last over time. The brand-new and complete line Pevero enhances all the qualities of teak thanks to the essential and clean design which highlights the round section of the wood. The collection Pevero, ranging from sofas, armchairs, various types of tables, chairs, small armchairs, to a sunlounger and a big round island, stands out for the curvaceous, soft and elegant lines which provide extreme comfort.


Unopiù produces complete collections, offering several solutions for outdoor spaces. Quadra is a line with a clean and definite design, featuring many types of furnishings: the unreleased dog basket for our pets, a sofa, the chairs, the armchairs, a coffee table and the sun loungers. The original and removable panels, like a frame, in grey aluminium and cord, can be customized on demand by choosing the colour of the cord among the following nuances: salmon, blue, sky blue, grey and beige.


The search for beauty, through the design and the materials’ quality, has a pivotal role in the development of Unopiù’s products: a clear example is the elegant and brand-new collection C’est la vie, designed by Michele Bönan. Inspired by sophisticated and classical furniture, C’est la vie features a new kind of wood like polished mahogany: a precious and unreleased material for the outdoor furniture world, recalling the finishes of old-time ships and the life on the open seas.


Unopiù collaborates with renowned designers as well as with its own inner department in charge of the development of new products. The new collection TLine, in white or graphite coloured aluminium, is designed by Adam D. Tihany, Tihany Product Design. TLine takes inspiration from embroidery motifs and traditional weaving, blending them with a typically industrial structure in aluminium. The result is a sophisticated design where past and future melt together.


The reinterpretation of the tradition through innovation is part of Unopiù’s soul. The collection Camargue recalls the tradition by revisiting it according to the current times. The seating Camargue is proposed in 2020 with new innovative materials, expressly realized for outdoor use: a new stronger and flat shaped polyolefin cord which is handwoven by Unopiù artisans around the galvanized iron structure to confer extreme comfort.



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