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Tradition meets the Future with TLine: Unopiù brand-new and evocative outdoor collection

The etymology of the Italian word ricordo (memory, souvenir in English), comes from the Latin re- (behind) and cor- (heart). Indeed, the Ancients believed that the heart was the seat of Memory and so the Italian word ricordo literally means to recall in the heart. Looking at TLine, Unopiù new collection in white or graphite coloured aluminium, which was born of the collaboration with the designer Adam D. Tihany, someone could find it familiar, almost intimate, because the pattern and the lines recall nowadays something that lives again by coming back to the heart. Marcel Proust used to say that “certain memories are like friends in common, they can bring about reconciliations”.

The collection TLine features some elements of reminiscence, but reinterpreted with a contemporary view: the tradition meets the future to create some outdoor furniture which awakes again past memories, giving a new light to them.

On the one hand, TLine is indeed part of the fifties outdoor furniture image but on the other, the extraordinary and sophisticated design, the delicate and soft curves, the lightness of the perforated pattern look at the future, by joining together the traditional philosophy of the brand with the design innovation.

“TLine is inspired by embroidery motifs and traditional weaving, blending them with a typically industrial structure in aluminium and with soft graceful lines recalling those of handmade lace. The end result is an elegant outdoor collection that captures the poetry of light and shade.”

Adam D. Tihany

Romanticism and functionality blend together in a fresh and light furniture collection, featuring curvaceous and harmonious lines. TLine range includes two chairs, a bar stool, an armchair, two tables, a sun lounger and a two or three seater sofa. The pattern not only celebrates form and function but it also reduces heat absorption, facilitating drainage. Moreover, TLine can be custom-made thanks to an exclusive system of comfortable and adjustable cushions, available in the fabrics wide range of Unopiù color collection.

Conceived both for the residential and the contract market, TLine could perfectly fit any setting like a Mediterranean garden, in the outdoor areas of a brasserie or a boutique hotel in Venice, as on the French Riviera.



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