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Pevero by Unopiù: the island of Neverland comes true

A brand-new and complete collection to be gently rocked in the cradle of Nature

Entirely created and designed by Unopiù research and product department, Pevero seems to have been conceived as a ravishing archipelago. Indeed, the whole collection rotates around a big and spectacular circular island, to be also completed with an armchair, two sofas, three diverse chairs and small armchairs, a sun lounger and five tables of different sizes and heights.

Pevero recalls the summer destinations in the Mediterranean sea: intimate, cozy and sun-drenched places where irreverent waves crash against the shores. From the Balearics to the Ionian islands and the Cyclades, and then in Italy, to the Aeolian islands, the Tuscan and Campanian archi-pelagos and the isles of La Maddalena. From the island of Elba to Capri, and then heading for the farthest ones like Favignana, Panarea and Filicudi. Up to the small, smoking volcanic islands like Stromboli and Vulcano. Tiny paradises where green woods climb the mountain tops, the Nature amazes and revives us and time goes by very slowly among breathless scenarios, healing our heart and our soul.

Totally made of warm teak through a manufacture which has given shape to soft, rounded and cur-vaceous lines, satisfying our senses and promising the utmost comfort, Pevero invites us to relax, to be gently rocked and to enjoy the living in the open air.

The range collection starts from a lounge area, featuring a sun lounger, made of teak and white Baviera Plastiflex fabric, soft and comfortable to the touch like a natural fabric, and a big round is-land with a diameter of 160 cm, a comfortable space to lie down on a big cushion. The teak circular backrest can be easily enhanced with cushions of various colours. A side table and a footrest, both optional and movable on wheels, complete this small lounge area.

In the sitting area, the refined round section legs emphasize the shape and the proportions of the armchair and of the two sofas, enhancing their elegance. The lightness of the structures is highlight-ed by the seat strips in polyolefin fabrics which intersect orthogonally on the cushion support. The distinctive and ample cushions, “fitted” and contained in the structure, underline the design purity. Furthermore, three diverse side tables enrich the collection range proposal.

Pevero also offers disparate possibilities of composing the dining area, thanks to two tables in teak to choose from, rectangular or square-shaped, and three kinds of seat: a teak chair, featuring a re-fined design and inclined backrest and seat, a chair made of teak and beige mélange handwoven synthetic cord, and a precious reinterpretation of the iconic director chair, whose structure is utterly made of teak and AISI 316 stainless steel, an extremely resistant material also used in marine manufacture. The covering is available in two different kinds of fabric: dove grey polypropylene and hemp white techno fabric.

Pevero by Unopiù: the island of Neverland comes true


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