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Shibuya®: the dynamic and pure-lines pergola designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Unopiù

The mobile Pergola

In Shibuya®, the dynamism of the well-known district of Tokyo with its celebrated cross-roads, meets the purity of lines, the minimalism and the ability of synthesis of some con-temporary Japanese architecture. Elements, which are apparently opposite, talk to each other harmoniously in Shibuya®: a product patented by Unopiù and designed by Fer-ruccio Laviani.

Shibuya® has revolutionized the world of garden structures, introducing a pergola com-posed of two cubic units that offer diverse levels of mobility and flexibility, thus adapting perfectly to the various needs of a day in the open air. The version with the blocking pirouet-ting wheels allows the pergola to be extended and placed wherever one wishes.

Welcoming, creating peace of mind and giving harmony, Shibuya® is a modern and linear pergola, suitable for every environment, both contract and residential, both on a terrace and near a swimming pool, both in a contemporary house and in a more traditional one.

“Shibuya, like other products that I have designed, was inspired by a personal need for what I myself wanted to acquire. My idea was a modular pergola with a clean non-invasive design that could be compressed, ideal for a terrace of mine that isn‘t very big. This is how this trans-versal product came into being, perfect for use in any open area, it has almost become an es-sential item.” Ferruccio Laviani

This new concept of pergola, presented for the very first time in 2014, is re-introduced in 2020 with a new version in white or graphite aluminium, rather than iron, making it light-er and easier to move (It takes just one hand to move it easily), and even more weather-resistant. The attention to details and to the finishes quality is evident in the hidden hardware and some new optional accessories like the led lights, the heat lamps and the water vaporizers which make of Shibuya® a more complete, functional and comfortable structure.

The pergola is available with different kinds of roofing: treated Nordic pine slats panels, bamboo shades or micro-perforated patterns. It can also be enhanced with micro-perforated side blinds (40% polyester coated with 60% PVC), in hemp white with manual opening and closing. Securing blocking brackets are also available to ensure safety in very windy conditions. Shibuya® is also available in a standard 3 x 3 model without wheels.

Shibuya®: the dynamic and pure-lines pergola designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Unopiù


  • 01038 Soriano Nel Cimino VT, Italy
  • Unopiù Press