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New "Solare" lights

Unopiù lights up your summer evenings with Solare

A led pulsating heart and a body in teak and aluminium or customizable cords: Solare, the new lamp for the outdoors by Unopiù, brightens your summer evenings with its modern and well-finished design.

With the arrival of the warmest months, the nights in the open air may give the pleasure of a conversation under a starry sky, the intimate atmosphere of a romantic dinner date or the sparkling and convivial cheerfulness of the evenings with friends. The space opens and expands outwards where the mild wind caresses the Medi-terranean gardens; the terraces overlooking the sea liven up and the Italian lakes aristocratic beauty lives its most generous time.

Unopiù, careful with every aspect of the living in the open air, has been introducing for years different collections of outdoor lamps since it truly believes that the summer nights deserve a proper lighting to suit the climate and the atmosphere. In 2020 a brand-new collection, utterly innovative and completely different from the previous ones, was born: Solare.

This is the first complete line of high-tech, modern and customizable solar lighting. Standing lights and lanterns without cables that can be positioned as you wish, cylindrical or truncated cone-shaped, youthful, practical yet sophisticated, perfect to light any outdoor area with character and personality.

In teak, various colored polypropylene synthetic cord (blue, mustard and salmon), stainless steel or aluminium and AISI 304 stainless steel hardware, Solare features rechargeable solar led panels (with USB cable or solar light), adjustable intensity (3 light intensities up to 600 lumen) with remote control (50 meters range), removable and waterproof IP65 that fits every model of the collection Solare.

New "Solare" lights


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