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Camargue: Unopiù between tradition and research

Outdoor chairs from a refined vintage style and innovative ma-terials

Sometimes, it takes an object, some ornaments, a piece of furniture or a chair that brings us back in time with its vintage lines and design, to go back where we’ve been happy in the midst of a past summer.

Some memories are engraved with vigour and love in our mind to emerge unexpected one day and reopen the old times happy views like sipping a re-freshing drink in a lush garden, close to the sea, breathing in the August nights cool air of a while back.

With the seat Camargue and Experience by Unopiù, the tradition comes back to us with a refined vintage style, but revisited with a contemporary look and innovative materials.

The seat Camargue, featuring a sophisticated and evocative style, has been revisited in 2020 with a new polyolefin cord, thicker and flat rather than round in shape, available in four unreleased new shades: dove grey, blue, light grey and green. The cord thread, handwoven by Unopiù artisans, covers the galvanized iron seat structure, white or bronze, providing great comfort. The seat Camargue can be also combined with an optional footrest.

Camargue: Unopiù between tradition and research


  • 01038 Soriano Nel Cimino VT, Italy
  • Unopiù Press