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Outdoor chairs from a refined vintage style and innovative ma-terials

Sometimes, it takes an object, some ornaments, a piece of furniture or a chair that brings us back in time with its vintage lines and design, to go back where we’ve been happy in the midst of a past summer.

Some memories are engraved with vigour and love in our mind to emerge unexpected one day and reopen the old times happy views like sipping a re-freshing drink in a lush garden, close to the sea, breathing in the August nights cool air of a while back.

A new small armchair with an embracing circular backrest joins the collection Experience in 2020, featuring a clean and well-finished design. The graphite coloured aluminium naturally blends with the handwoven antique brown Waprolace® synthetic fibre.



  • 01038 Soriano Nel Cimino VT, Italy
  • Unopiù Press