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Fire Table and Hotty

Unopiù outdoor proposal to warm up your outdoor space

Autumn is coming, flooding into parks and gardens and painting their vegetation with vivid colours while temperatures gradually cool. Unopiù has conceived some proposal for those who want to heat up the environment and continue to enjoy their outdoor spaces even with the arrival of the first cool Autumn winds or on the most temperate Winter days: Hotty and Fire Table. These two new products are perfect to warm up your outdoor areas or terraces, to enjoy a cup of coffee or the reading, to relax in the open air and rel-ish the perfumes of Fall, to create the ideal atmosphere for a romantic date or even to sip a drink with friends before a cozy dinner at home.

Fire Table

Fire Table is a coffee table from the linear and clean design, made of graphite coloured aluminium and teak slats, and it can be perfectly matched with many outdoor furniture proposals of the collections Unopiù. A roman-tic and captivating product which can characterize alone an environment and give a touch of magic to the evenings thanks to the primordial power of the fire, becoming energy in motion. The clean and odourless flame is inserted in the centre of the table thanks to an ethanol basin protected by two glass panels. From a simple table centrepiece, the fire becomes the main character through the infinite shades of the flame. Fire Table is a versatile product, both for indoor and outdoor use. Indeed, the bioethanol brazier set can be replaced by a stainless steel basin which perfectly works as ice bucket, odds and ends container or flowerpot holder.


Available both in the wall-mounted, hanging and standing versions, Hotty has been created to make the warm season last longer, thus allowing to live the outdoors both in Autumn and Winter when an additional and embracing warm is more than welcome. Thanks to the exceptional level of damp pro-tection - IP X 5 - Hotty suits any environment and can be installed immedi-ately outdoors, even in a porch or under a pergola. The modern structure is made of white or black coloured aluminium, the finishing in powder coated steel, and the front deflector in aluminium. The high-tech design results ele-gant, compact and sturdy, featuring delicate teak decorations.

Hotty is a 100% Italian production with high termal yield, thanks to IR-A short wave heating technology and to special reflectors in beaten aluminium. The remote control allows anyone to make use of Hotty very easily, thus also permitting to recline it from 25° to 45°. Hotty is therefore orientable, ensuring maximum heat efficiency with minimum energy costs.



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