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LES ARCS: the irresistible and embracing curves of the aluminium

LES ARCS Collection

In 2021, Unopiù revamps the collection LES ARCS designed in collaboration with Meneghello Paolelli Associati. Modern and at the same time romantic, inspired by the tradition of the past with a marked neoclassical touch, the collection LES ARCS broadens its range of products while rethinking its form and its materials.

The line, launched in 2014, featured the very original design of the seating backrests’ intertwinedarches made of soft fabric and cord and a refined teak structure. That collection consisted of a sofa, an armchair and a rectangular coffee table.

In 2021, Unopiù proposes a brand-new series of furnishings with a fresh and contemporary design.

The strong and distinguishing sign of the arches is conserved but they get more embracing, like a real hug, and a new material texture is given. Indeed, the aluminium has been chosen for the new products: an extremely lightweight and recyclable material, efficient and versatile, from the ever-required contemporary features of eco-compatibility that thus transform the style and the functionality of this collection.

The new outdoor living proposal of LES ARCS sees the addition of a small armchair, a small sofa and two round tables. The small armchair recalls the softness of the original lines as the round table with central base which enhances the decorative pattern of the intertwined arches. Four interlaced arches branch off from the tables’ central base in form of sunburst, sustaining a decorated and light aluminium top.

The optical effect is outstanding, also thanks to the aluminium lightness, seeming to remind about a flower which is blooming in the Spring’s splendour.

Curvaceous and elegant lines mark the seating as well with the light and delicate motif of their armrests which flow into the backrest and into the front legs with extreme elegance to create justone sinuous line.

The seating can also be stackable if needed, thus offering space-saving solutions required both for residential and contract contexts. The finishes’ great quality makes of LES ARCS an extraordinarily refined collection but at the same time slender, fresh and coloured: the colour is customizable between a palette of 7 hues.

Les Arcs table in aluminium


  • Via Pontaccio, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
  • Unopiù Press