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URBN BALCONY: brand-new elements join the system


How to enhance the urban balconies? Spaces which are not fully exploited or lived? URBN BALCONY was born of Unopiù intuition, in collaboration with the designers Meneghello Paolelli Associati, to answer this specific need.

A product system from the simple though innovative design, URBN BALCONY consists of a modular structure in refined and resistant iroko wood, which can be fixed to the wall or to the ceiling.

This main unit can be enriched by a series of accessories, allowing to create micro-furniture solutions to fulfil different functions in a limited space.

Ever-evolving, versatile and modular, URBN BALCONY adds new accessories in 2021: unreleased furnishings, multifunctional container benches, a system of tents, a tiny and refined tripod stool and a mini collection of foldable chair and table, fully thought to be placed in the containers of URBN BALCONY.

The table and the seating exploit the Wood-Skin® technology: on the steel structure, “a wooden fabric” is laid down to be moulded and to become the seating, the backrest or the tabletop.

Thanks to its particular feature of being “a structural fabric”, it rolls up when you fold the chair and the table to place them in the containers.

The table and the seating, as the tripod stool, are suitable to be used not only on the balconies but in every outdoor area with limited space. The tripod stool by Unopiù, which is inspired by the camping accessories but reinterpreted under an elegant and modern perspective, is enhanced by a ring, working as a pivot and as a decoration at the very same time.

Nomadic object, very easy to transport, from the small size but sturdy; this element perfectly suits a balcony to accommodate a friend at the last moment or it is perfect for a picnic in a park.

The furnishings/benches can become flowerpots or containers, the tents systems shade and grant privacy according to your needs.

These unreleased accessories, that you can configurate as you wish, join a range of elements like flowerpots, pots, small cupboards, shelves and clothes rack which can be transformed into worktops and vice versa.

Eating, reading, studying, working from home but in the open air, hanging the laundry, gardening and relaxing are just a few of the activities you can do in the “renovated” space of a balcony. A small outdoor area which can be fully lived thanks to URBN BALCONY to become a precious home extension when you wish to live in the open air, especially in the cities, in the sunny days.

URBN BALCONY has obtained the Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2021 in the

category Excellent Product Design – Furniture.

URBN BALCONY: brand-new elements join the system


  • Via Pontaccio, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
  • Unopiù Press