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Ariete by Unopiù

Wrought iron’s unreleased forms

Unopiù draws inspiration from the classic wrought-iron-made outdoor furniture, relating to the tradition of Tuscany and Umbria’s craftsmanship. Indeed, this is an utterly Italian know-how which even dates back to the Middle Ages. Inspired by this striking heritage, Unopiù creates Ariete: a fresh and modern proposal which recalls those lines but with a more contemporary touch thanks to the design of Adam D. Tihany.

The project embodies the will of Unopiù, through the designer’s vision, to be inspired by its own story and to rewrite the company’s future. Even by keeping solid roots in Italy in terms of quality, production and style, but with a global insight, Unopiù has been constantly innovated the outdoor furniture world.

Featuring soft and delicate design lines on a solid structure, Ariete aims to rethink the typical outdoor pro-posals made of wrought iron. Those sophisticated outdoor furnishings which can be easily found in so many elegant gardens of the Italian villas: welcoming and enchanted places where this sturdy material stands out for its graceful strength. Ariete gives birth to a new design of those classic pieces of furniture, reinterpreted in the light of modernity.

Ariete joins two other classic lines in wrought iron, Aurora and Toscana which have been part of Unopiù range for years and well identify the brand.

The project challenge consisted of restyling these iconic outdoor furniture proposals, combining the cultural legacy of an historic material and its craftsmanship know-how with a new design and unreleased forms to find a point of touch with the present days. Adam D. Tihany has created, together with Unopiù, a line from the contemporary elegance which bears the wrought iron old tradition, keeping its warmness and classic twist, but at the very same time it dialogues with the present, reinventing its forms.

Indeed, Ariete redesigns the typical open curl motif of wrought-iron furniture to amplify it and close it in a wide circle decoration which enhances with grace, freshness and functionality all the proposals of the line.

The motif of the circle is a distinguishing feature of the whole collection and, beyond a sheer decorative value, it even allows the utmost comfort of usage. Particularly, in the armchair and in the sofa, the motif of the circle gets even bigger in order to have a structural function and to give the furniture proposals a fresh twist.

Ariete is a complete collection featuring a sofa, an armchair, a small armchair, a chair, a table, a coffee table and a bench. Compared with the wrough-iron collections of Unopiù range, Ariete has a warmer nuance, a coffee hue which enhances the palette of the brand and it gives to the outdoor spaces a very welcoming atmosphere.

Ariete is manufactured in Italy: the wrought iron is galvanized, thus granting anticorrosive properties, resili-ence and durability no matter what adverse weather conditions. The collection is customizable through the colours of the cushions, which are manufactured in Italy as well, choosing between the many nuances of the Unopiù colour collection, available in a waterproof, acrylic or recycled PET fabric.

Ariete by Unopiù


  • Via Pontaccio, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy