Children's Park of Les Planes in Hospitalet

Urbadis by Microarquitectura
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The largest in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona.

Located in Les Planes de L'Hospitalet, this children's playground is the largest playground for children in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

The playground is the backbone of the project that revolves around one of the chimneys that are preserved from the old knitting. For this reason, the area has a radial configuration that enhances its centrality and gives the park a unique aspect.

The playground is paved with rubber of different colors depending on their characteristics, and in the area of ​​the slopes have been placed several slides and climbing games taking advantage of the unevenness of the terrain. Likewise, the park, completely inclusive, offers games of sensory stimulation and endless activities. It has two large structures and multiple independent games such as swings, seesaws, spinning games and a zip line.

The playground has been designed by Urbadis with playgrounds by Landscape Structures, together with the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona and the consistory.

Children's Park of Les Planes in Hospitalet

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