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Showroom PORCELANOSA San Juan - Alicante

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PORCELANOSA’s San Juan training area, in Alicante, was modernized by Xavi Pastor’s design studio.

PORCELANOSA’s San Juan training area, in Alicante, was modernized by Xavi Pastor’s design studio. He offered us an insight into his conception of this new training room for professionals.

Can you explain the design concept behind the training area created for PORCELANOSA’s San Juan offices?

Its requirements were already defined, given its function as a training area, and so we concentrated on creating a room that would envelop its users, making them feel relaxed and able to focus on the training session. The range of colours, mixture of different textures, regulated lighting and soundproofed stretch ceiling all ensure a comfortable backdrop so that the sessions can be as productive as possible. The Krion portico separates the work area from the section used as a kitchen.

How do you rate your experience of working with materials by PORCELANOSA Grupo?

It has been a very enriching experience because we were able to gain a real insight into PORCELANOSA Grupo’s extensive range of products and to achieve a well-defined broad overview of the potential that the products by its different companies offer. For the training area, we used LINKFLOOR on the floors and some walls, XLIGHT on the remaining walls, and KRION for the portico and latticework that divides the two sections.

What benefits do you think slimline large-format XLIGHT sheets offer?

The evolution of tile materials and their progressive new formats are fascinating. They are getting bigger and bigger, allowing us to achieve more with fewer materials. We simply could not overlook XLIGHT’s large-format sheets, with their modern-looking patterns so far removed from the first porcelain sheets in basic colours.

What do you look for in the materials that you use in your projects?

We look for new formats, colours, textures, relief patterns… and, in response, new developments in materials have opened up new possibilities. That’s why we never tire of visiting exhibitions so that we can gain an insight into new products or see new takes on old ones.

Given its awareness of the demands by architects and interior designers that Xavi Pastor has echoed, URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo, continues to work toward new developments in its large-format ceramic sheets, with new formats, thicknesses and finishes aimed at overcoming existing creative barriers.

Showroom PORCELANOSA San Juan - Alicante

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