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5 STYLE: Minimalist luxury

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Minimalism, exclusiveness and innovation.

“5STYLE”, the prestigious online magazine that celebrates the concept of minimalist luxury, has turned the spotlight on the large-format XLIGHT Premium collection by URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo as a clear illustration of its slogan: minimalism, exclusiveness and innovation.

This popular magazine for those keen on more visionary approaches to minimalism was created in 2014 to meet the need for a platform for more exclusive brand names from the fields of fashion, design and travel specializing in the concept “more is less”.

This tendency to reduce things to a minimum is reflected in projects by famous architects, travel guides to chic destinations and products by select brand names that unite top-quality design with attention to finer detail.

URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo seeks to meet the demand for more innovative products in new fields of design and architecture. XLIGHT Premium has done just that by forging a reputation as a material perfect for projects of all kinds which seek to convey more by showing less: limiting everything to just the essential.

Large-format XLIGHT Premium sheets draw attention to two quintessential priorities - a harmonious use of shape and colour -, thanks to new developments in ceramic technology by URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo.

5 STYLE: Minimalist luxury

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