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Double heights. The importance of textures in interior design

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Large-format XLIGHT for wall covering of infinite spaces

Double-height spaces achieve a great feeling of spaciousness, conferring at the same time a leading role in that area in the project.

Striking spaces not just due to their large dimensions, with infinite functional and aesthetic possibilities that can be used on an Interior Design level. Spaciousness in architecture, both horizontal and vertical, is a value that creates an increased air volume, transmitting a feeling of well-being.

It is a sign of wealth; this double-height creates large walls, windows, or empty spaces where it is essential to define a focal point on which to look. At this point, textures and decorative elements are extremely important as we can confer a unique and distinctive character with them.

In response to all kinds of architectural aspirations, URBATEK - PORCELANOSA Grupo offers a vast number of porcelain wall coverings that due to their large format and slimline facilitate double-height installations, and allow for material continuity on the floor.

It is a new ceramics generation that has become the center of attention thanks to the appeal of the most elegant stones, incorporated by the stone layer of the XLIGHT Premium selection. As an example of the multiple combinations, we emphasize the clean-cut multi-directional segmenting of the XLIGHT Premium AGED line in its two shades, which focuses and enhances the prominent wall as if it were made from huge stone blocks.

These are spaces where the prominence of light emphasizes, even more, the matte finish with satin glimmers of the most sophisticated rock and its broad graphic range that provides the most naturalness and refinement.

Architecture that is committed to the future using the highest quality materials.

Double heights. The importance of textures in interior design

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