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IntTop, interior design avant-garde

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"IntTop, 1st Interior Design Exhibition" will be held from June 6 to June 29 at the Casa Palacio Huerto Ruano in Lorca, Murcia.

"IntTop" takes innovation in architecture and interior design to the city of Lorca through the makeover of the Casa Palacio Huerto Ruano, an emblematic building in the city, turned into a place for the exhibition, promotion, and dissemination of the most avant-garde interior design.

Organized by the Interior Designers/Decorators Association of Murcia (Colegio Oficial de Diseñadores de Interior/Decoradores de Murcia, CODID-RM) with the collaboration of the Lorca City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Services (Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios) of Lorca, the Regional Confederation of Corporate Organizations of Lorca (Confederación Comarcal de Organizaciones Empresariales de Lorca, CECLOR), and the Presidential and Promotion Board (Consejería de Presidencia y Fomento) of the Region of Murcia, and at the same time, sponsored by companies such as PORCELANOSA Grupo who offer the most groundbreaking products.

This presence is part of the agreement renewal signed last March between PORCELANOSA Grupo and CODID regarding the training of interior designers. In the words of Alejandro Muñoz, Manager of Porcemur, the signing is "a chance for us to engage more in the development of this group of professionals, which is constantly growing," and of Rosa Sánchez, Dean of CODID, who points out that it is an honor for CODID to have companies that support interior design professionals and that appreciate the value of being a member of the Association.

XLIGHT Premium in the "Loft Space"

The project, designed by Mari Carmen Ortuño, Ana Cristina García, Mari Ángeles García, and Rosa Sánchez, presents a high-level avant-garde concept, fitting together the comforts of a home in one same space.

An eclectic mix that combines the classic style of the home with the essence of marble in the XLIGHT Premium KALA White Nature porcelain tile. Thus, for wall coverings for spaces such as the foyer, bathroom, and walk-in closet, we have used the 120 x 250 cm, 6 mm thick sheet and the volumes have been created by transforming the same material using the 154 x 328 cm, 12 mm thick plate.

We have had the collaboration of the area’s 1 mm XLIGHT authorized operator "José María Miñarro Mármoles" for this last work.

XLIGHT Premium Launch Day

Among the many activities, we have carried out a Technical Seminar for the launching of the XLIGHT innovative large format porcelain tile by URBATEK - PORCELANOSA Grupo, particularly highlighting the XLIGHT Premium marble selection. This Seminar was attended by many architecture and interior design professionals.

IntTop, interior design avant-garde

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