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Innovation in the design of retail projects makes the difference.

Innovation in the design of retail projects makes the difference. A job that starts in the very moment of its conception; the idea, the choice of materials, their combination and definition of finishes, and even the placement of accessories or the aroma are crucial for a unique experience.

Spaces designed to convey a style, a brand image with which to enamor the client at each visit. And in the case of high-end brands, everything reflects enthusiastically this philosophy so that the atmosphere is even more enthralling with the use of colors, textures, and elements of the firm such as certain types of wood, marble, or metal.

And there, at the time of the choosing the products and equipment, it is crucial to be part of the development and innovation, to be part of the future, committing to progress further in all fields, the confidence in products that make possible everything that was unthinkable so far.

Thanks to exquisite quality in graphic detail and technical advantages of the new XLIGHT Premium porcelain tiles, it is possible to give an exclusive character that very few surfaces can achieve.

The latest line to join the greatest URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo selection, are pieces of exotic elegance that stand out as a wall covering in commercial spaces. Exquisite refinement in XLIGHT Premium NYLO Black, characterized by an absolute black background with a fine linear veining in gold and white shades.

Endless advantages of the XLIGHT Premium fine porcelain tile, an added value that lets us think of it for any design without fearing the maintenance. Uniformity in intensity, it offers a glossy mirror in the Polished finish.

Ideal for modern atmospheres or following to most classical looks, the most classic black is redefined for luxurious interior design.


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