NERO by Vallone ®: New tap collection represents subtle elegance dressed in black

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Righ at the start of the new year the boutique label VALLONE® presents its new, deep black tap collection NERO by VALLONE® .

The tap series, which was handcrafted in Northern Italy for the entire bath area, is based on a minimalist and timeless design expression. This way it combines its pursuit for maximum functionality and aesthetic. The new matt-black design collection NERO by VALLONE® represents subtle elegance in minimalist interior design concepts. NERO is timeless in its design, striking in its high contrast and achieves to place modern design accents in the bath area. Because of the tap series‘ strict reduction on a purely black finish (Nero = Italian for „black“) its naming is clearly inspired by its coloration. In doing so it emphasizes the aesthetic and high-quality of a black surface.


The puristic collection NERO by VALLONE® differentiates itself with its striking color language, linear contours and precised detail processing. In a complex procedure the product line is being refined with the help of a PVD coating. The taps are manufactured in Italy under high standards of quality.


Thanks to its modular nature and its starkly contrasting coloration NERO is perfectly well combinable with further bath products from VALLONE® such as wash bashin and freestanding bathtubs

made from the mineral cast Velvet Stone™. The matt black taps moreover create a perfect interplay between wall and soil textures made from concrete, natural stone or fine plaster.

The entire collections are available in the VALLONE® E-Boutique. More information about the products under:

NERO by Vallone ®: New tap collection represents subtle elegance dressed in black

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