ALGORITHM: The mathematical poetry of nature

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“The intention was not to design a completely defined and “finished” product, but a tool which allows any customer to create his own lighting system, in relation with the architecture space, the area to light and the desired kind of “graphic pattern”, according to Toan Nguyen.

ALGORITHM consists of endless compositions of light globes suspended at different heights from a ceiling anchor of tubular metal mesh. Much more than simply a support, the tubular network generates its own shadows and visual effects.

The light globe is manufactured from blown glass featuring a striated pattern that itself creates a translucent and constantly changing lighting effect. The globes are provided with 2W LED light fitting that can be dimmed.

These are the tools that are being offered to the designer to become the author of a lighting experience that be specifically tailored to any project.

The technical aspects can be easily resolved through the creation of virtual models online at until the optimum configuration is achieved

ALGORITHM: The mathematical poetry of nature

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