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Minimalist simplicity and exquisite detail define the Park Lees Hotel

Located in the heart of bustling Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the minimalist design of the Park Lees hotel draws inspiration from the tranquility of the neighbouring park. Opening its doors in 2017, this boutique hotel offers a refuge of 120 beautiful yet simply detailed guest rooms over thirteen stories. The exterior was designed by Architects Zi-Shen Lin and Po-Yu Lin, with interior design by CJ Interiors and product and Deco Design has undertaken by Simon Chang, Head Designer of the LEES Group.


With its black, white and grey tones and simple lines, the exterior of the building features floor-to-ceiling windows, which flood interior spaces and guest rooms with natural light and the green tones of the park. The top stories of the building are finished with a sleek black metal cladding, taking on a form that appears like a crown. The solar glass was used to block out the heat and glaring sun while solar panels are set up to provide external night lighting electricity. Both the interior and the exterior of the building use high-performance LED lamps and KNX systems with time adjusted lighting.


The elegant minimalist style of the exterior is mirrored indoors with a scheme from CJ Interior design. Extensive use of indoor sculpture, harmonious neutral colours and white marble-based building materials are used throughout. Paintings in the guest rooms are all created in collaboration with local artists in Kaohsiung so that works from this city have the chance to be appreciated by travelers.

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the guestrooms, natural light penetrates deep into the interior spaces, reaching the bathrooms. With their grey-glass sliding doors, the bathroom suites are finished with Villeroy & Boch stoneware wall and floor tiles for a refined, natural look. Alongside this, Villeroy & Boch toilets and basin fittings were selected with V&B Mini Aveo Freestanding tubs as a standout feature.


The Park Lees Hotel is the first start-from-the-ground-up new hotel project by Jonathan T. Lee, Executive VP of the LEES Group, who oversaw all aspects of the hotel from concept and planning, to design, picking out materials, trying out menus, as well as construction and management. ‘We are fond of simplicity yet exquisiteness in details, so the designs and services are professional, stylish, touching and caring,’ says Lee.


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