For the love of contrasts – la vie en… baby rose and misty grey

VITA copenhagen
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Dusk and dawn. Light and shadow. Vibrant sounds and blissful silence. Polished cities and raw nature. Baby rose and misty grey. The beauty lies in contrasts. Our brand new color additions to the playful Carmina family of lampshades are born from these contrasts that attract and lure.

The VITA Carmina mini baby rose embodies the poetic splendor of fragile blossoming flowers, their gentle and persuasive beauty. The VITA Carmina mini misty grey symbolizes raw urban nature, the rough and enticing finish of the concrete tones that “paint” the city. They are two contrasts that complement and enhance each other–just like the serene rose sunset at the end of a bustling day, welcoming the misty grey night.

“Both colors are among the trendy colors of 2016, not only in interiors around the world, but also in fashion. Be they trendy or just a vibe of the present, the colors are exactly right for anyone coloring his or her home with contemporary furniture and trying to create just the right atmosphere for all periods of the day”, explained Søren Ravn Christensen, founder and Chief Creative Developer.

Striking yet soothing, these two pastel colors evoke a dreamy sense of tranquility and harmony, creating a distinctive edge to a modern living room, a soft, stylish touch to a classic bedroom, or a playful vibe to a children’s room.

For the love of contrasts – la vie en… baby rose and misty grey

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