VITA Eos light grey – one shade of grey, many shades of beauty

VITA copenhagen
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Create an exquisite design, add heaps of passion and a dash of sophistication. This is how lamps are made. And dreams too!

The new VITA Eos light grey was born from our desire to add a trendy and edgy splash of colour to this iconic design. Just like the VITA Eos light brown lampshade, it draws its force and beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. A natural colour palette that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere – this is the quintessence of the VITA Eos family!

With a neutral and harmonious colour, the VITA Eos light grey lampshade will perfectly suit any minimalist interior design, adding a sophisticated and elegant touch. Either in a modern living room or in a classic bedroom, this lampshade will bring a trendy yet timeless look and a soothing vibe to your space.

“The VITA Eos light grey is the perfect neutral for cool and simplistic interior designs. It blends with the room and brings out the best in it, enhancing one contrasting colour. It fits perfectly in a light environment without many impressions, with, for example, only earth colours, dark wooden tones and then an item in one bright colour like orange or red. These colours go very well with grey tones”, explains Soren Ravn Christensen, founder and Chief Creative Developer.

VITA Eos light grey – one shade of grey, many shades of beauty

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