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The new wedi Fundo Riolito neo

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A response to the market. A commitment to the customers which wedi has kept for more than 30 years and honours once again with the further development of the tried and tested wedi Fundo Riolito neo. The floor-level shower element features three innovations which deliver real added value both visually and in terms of practicability: a drainage channel right next to the wall, a completely continuous slope right to the channel and more flexible adjustment to the room situation.

Added value in design

Floor-level showers give the room visual space and can be further complemented with linear drainage. Solutions with a drainage channel which sits against the wall are particularly in demand so wedi have developed a new, slimmer, oval-shaped drain specifically for this purpose. The drainage channel can therefore be moved, resulting in a continuous slope to the drain. A benefit for everyone who places value on large format tiles and almost jointless installation.

Added value in installation

The placement of the drainage channel against the wall is an important visual change – in particular for the design of modern bathrooms. However, there are also advantages for tradesmen since the process has become significantly simpler with the elimination of the upward gradient which was previously required. The new wedi Fundo Riolito neo now has the option of a shorter drainage channel giving more flexibility and ease of adjustment to solve the trickiest of room situations.

Added value in function

Along with the short drainage channel, the element is available in various sizes with the choice of three different wedi drains (horizontal, vertical and Mini Max with a particularly low installation height). wedi Fundo Riolito neo is suitable both for new builds and for renovations. Appropriate finish and slope profiles ensure an aesthetically pleasing transition to the wall or to adjoining tiled floors.

In addition, the new wedi Fundo Riolito neo is compatible with an optical wall drain. The Fundo Riolito Discreto elements make this system more effective and can be constructed with a bench solution, storage surface or a bespoke front panel according to customer requirements. All wedi products can be combined with one another at any time with guaranteed system reliability.

The new wedi Fundo Riolito neo

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