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Fundo Riofino

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wedi Fundo is regarded by trade professionals as a reliable and cost-efficient solution for constructing waterproof, floor-level showers. The tileable floor units are not only highly practical and reliable, they have opened up a whole new world of design possibilities for wet rooms and bathrooms.

wedi are simple and reliable to install, and incorporate a sealed drain, an additional waterproof coating and a ready-made slope.

High quality drain - Fundo special floor elements

The two attractive floor-level shower elements are perfect additions to the overall Fundo series.

There is a choice of three cover plates made from stainless steel for each of the Fundo models.

By adjusting the stainless steel covers over the channel drain of the Fundo Riolito, it can also be finished with a wide range of different tiles and natural stone covers.

By adapting the channel cover, the plate can be set at heights of between 4.5 mm and 14.5 mm (or between 7 mm and 20 mm depending on the choice of cover).

Fundo Riolito /Riofino

wedi Fundo Riolito and wedi Fundo Riofino are floor-level shower elements with a channel drain. They allow the shower water to drain off through a narrow line. The linear drain in the Riolito is positioned to the side, whereas it is centrally sited in the Riofino. The required slope is already incorporated into the floor elements.

Fundo Riofino

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