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The smart all-rounder: AT office chair range

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Free to move: following its ON and IN masters of motion, Wilkhahn is now presenting AT, the third in the group of its three-dimensional office task chairs

Stylish? Athletic? Flexible? The most important thing is that you keep on moving while sitting. Recently, the Centre for Health at the German Sport University Cologne used the latest scientific measurement methods to prove that back muscles are much healthier when people sit on Wilkhahn’s IN office chair. Wilkhahn calls this new generation its free-to-move office chairs and they play a pivotal role in designing healthy office environments.

Following the classically stylish ON® office chair and athletic and dynamic IN, Wilkhahn’s now adding another chair in the shape of AT, now the third in the range of its office chairs with free-to-move capability. The centrepiece of the new office chair range is a self-centring three-dimensional suspension of the seat and backrest shell combined with the automatic synchro-adjustment of a classy backrest bearer. The two components interact to prompt fluid, three-dimensional movements in all directions even if just small shifts in weight are made. This ingenious automatic synchro-adjustment capability allows people to choose between setting the weight adjustment to suit personal preferences or doing it fully automatically. If customised requirements are important, the counter pressure can be quickly adjusted in ten increments by turning a knob. The fully automatic option is recommended if several people are using the chair throughout the day: all they need to do is sit down, adjust the height and they’re done. Their body and the chair will do the rest.

Integrative design for comfort from the word go

But AT doesn’t just break new ground in terms of technology, but in terms of its aesthetic too. The fluidly designed crossover points between each of the elements lend the chair’s frame a seamless appearance. Similarly to layering, encountered in modern design concepts, the seat and backrest shell are suspended as the second layer in the shell structure. The distance between the curve of the seat-backrest shell and the frame ensures movement is possible and lends the chair’s silhouette a lightweight and transparent look. All adjustment components are integrated and come in grey with icons to make altering the chair settings intuitive. Combined with the shell that embraces it, the seat and backrest shell suggests support and assurance while encouraging users to move at the same time.

A vast range of models, designs and features for seamless solutions

The biggest challenge in furnishing new office environments is to deliver variety but maintain corporate identity at the same time. Which is why the AT range offers interior designers a whole host of design options: the frame, armrests and seat and backrest shell come in black and (from autumn 2018) in white and the back of the shell is also optionally covered with fabric. The star bases are available in black plastic or aluminium with coated or polished surfaces. The upholstery comes in three backrest heights (medium height, high and high with headrest and neck rest) and the covers can be chosen from the Wilkhahn fabric and leather collection. The accessories come in all sorts of designs to suit different settings.

The AT range
The AT range

Flexible, adjustable and with a calm aesthetic: the AT range

Alternating between sitting and standing

AT models with elevated sitting positions and forward tilt that can be activated (ESP = 420 - 600/620 mm) encourage alternating between sitting and standing at height-adjustable desks. Photo: Wilkhahn

Integrative design concept

The same colours, fluid lines and attractive proportions: the integrative design concept gives the various Wilkhahn ranges a coherent image, as shown here with the AT office chair (design: Wilkhahn) with the Occo table and chair range (design: Jehs + Laub). Photo: Wilkhahn

Variety of models

AT range, design: Wilkhahn. Three backrest heights, two types of upholstery for the shell, two frame colours and numerous design options mean an enormous variety of models, making AT the smart all-rounder among Wilkhahn’s dynamic seating. Photos: Wilkhahn


AT’s range of motion

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