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New Parquet flooring by Yo2

Parlux quality - Design Frou Frou

Yo2 Parlux flooring with its unique design concept enriches our lives and spaces with brand new ideas that respect culture and bring a twist of classic influences and romance into fresh contemporary creations; a marriage resulting in beautiful, unpretentious and timeless parquet designs on a solid material.

Perfectly smooth wood surface suitable for cooling and heating systems. Easy to lay and maintain and highly scratch resistant. Perfect structural stability with six layers of varnish containing no formaldehyde or solvents.

Our Parlux flooring is designed on natural oak wood with subtle brown and black tones available also on unique white background wood. The decoration is performed directly onto the raw surface and protected by a generous layer of 100% water based lacquer. This makes the decor more resistant to wear and foot traffic. Our three-layer floor has the intrinsic quality to increase the stability of the finished product.


  • Switzerland
  • YO2