Ashgabat in Turkmenistan – City of Olympic records

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175.000 square meters RIB-ROOF for impressive projects

The construction industry in Turkmenistan, located east of the Caspian Sea, north of Iran and south of Kazakhstan, approximately corresponds to a sixth of the total gross domestic product, being, therefore, one of the most important factors of the economy of the country. German building material, construction and building technology and, above all, technical service are of growing interest for the construction industry.

The state has been investing around 5 billion US Dollars only for the construction of Olympic Village, in the capital Ashgabat, since 2010 until the opening of the 5th Asian Indoor Games (indoor and combat sports) in 2017. Moreover, 2 billion US Dollars are being invested in public administration buildings until 2016. The local residential construction is now concentrating on the completion of the urban development project. In general, all indicators sign for a continuous growth. And Zambelli with its RIB-ROOF aluminum metal roofing system is playing an important role in that development.

Largest project in the history of Zambelli

Zambelli RIB-ROOF has decidedly been working together with the Turkish installer Metal Cati since 2011. In total, 175,000 square meters, this is roughly the area of 350 football pitches, having used different types of profiling, have been installed and delivered so far, having, moreover, successfully realized the neoclassical architecture of how the whole capital city looks like. The following buildings have been implemented: The VIP Marine Hangar in Turkmenbashi, VIP Hangar, Olympic Village in Ashgabat, as well as the Tekno Park, Yadigar Park, Sadaka Building, Temporary Airport in Ashgabat, Bus Terminal and last but not least the Congress Center in Turkmenbashi.

Approx. 140,000 square meters RIB-ROOF aluminum profiled sheets have been installed for the Olympic Village, including the Large Arena with a curved tribune roof, the Small Arena, four large and three small Training Halls, the Medical Center and a pedestrian bridge.

RIB-ROOF aluminum profiled sheets – a roof covered for highest demands

The production of light metal roof constructions have been forming an important element of the different product areas of the Zambelli Group. In order to make use of all advantages, technologically highly developed and efficient building materials as well as competent consultation in each stage of the project is required. Such a great commitment, associated with an established building practice and the know-how of successfully executed construction projects throughout Europe on the one hand, and, on the other hand, a high product quality as well as an integrated view on the project, finally led to an integration of specialized Zambelli workers at an early stage for the complex planning process of the „White City“ by the Caspian Sea. RIB-ROOF Speed 500 aluminum and differently shaped profiled sheets in azure blue have been used.

Profiling, alloying, reshaping – the advantages of our record-breaking metal roofing system could consistently be outlined by its excellent characteristics. The used material aluminum can simply be formed and, therefore, offers the possibility of an immense design flexibility for architects and planners. The diffusion-open aluminum profile is designed in such a way that no stresses due to wind load can arise and temperature-related stretches are avoided. Furthermore, it is characterized by a simple, save and uncomplicated handling. Owing to the profiled sheets’ high dilatation ability in the clips, the material can unscathed stretch with temperatures between -20° and +80 °C. This high sliding ability provides for functional reliability in the long term. Moreover, our system is completely maintenance-free. Besides, the Zambelli RIB-ROOF system offers the highest level of security against natural hazards and fire.

Installation by qualified technicians

Each profiled sheet and all accessories on the profiled sheet seams are fastened by means of our system-own clips, perforation- and joint-free. Each fixing clip is, therefore, exactly adjusted to the height of the profiled sheet in order to avoid any leverage or tilting movement. The first profiled sheet automatically determines the position of the fixing clip. This means that once the first row of clips is set, no further measuring and pre-assembling of clips is necessary. As such, the clips are perfectly aligned to the profiled sheet geometry, having the effect of a permanent frictional connection. Thus, permanent rain resistance and sustainably good construction values are guaranteed. Contrary to common metal roofing systems, the processor does not have to rigidly zip the profiled sheets at construction site. This time-consuming work step is completely dropped.

Logistical masterpiece

The aluminum profiled sheets have perfectly and project-related been fabricated at construction site in Ashgabat. For this purpose, Zambelli exported the necessary mobile machines (profiling and curving machine), as well as accessories and

pre-material. All prior mentioned machines and materials were dispatched from our premises in Stephansposching, Germany by truck and ship. A professional and perfect installation result was guaranteed by a Zambelli supervisor who stayed at site during entire execution of the project for providing comprehensive technical support, machine commissioning as well as a professional and perforation-free installation by means of our system-own clips. Thus, the pre-fabricated profiled sheets can exactly be adjusted to the respective roof geometry in just a few simple steps. On the other hand, the logistical effort was reduced which, in turn, saved time and costs. The result convinced and has brought further orders/projects for Zambelli.

Turkmenistan is further expanding its capital and infrastructure with a lot of courage, consequence and great commitment. The construction magazine „international Construction“ has already called the impressive large-scale project as the currently most largest construction project worldwide. It seems to be the largest project in the 60-history of Zambelli.

Ashgabat in Turkmenistan – City of Olympic records

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