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The Office Space of Tomorrow, Today

Erin Gigl

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. The workplace and the concept of being at work are undergoing immense conceptual shifts.

Suddenly, the office has become the set of the Jetsons; sliding screens in every room, Zoom video conferences with attendees from around the globe, lounges with employees playing video games or being massaged by a robot who adjusts the thermostat in response to body temperature change. Okay, not yet. But, beyond wondering where one is, the important question has become, Who gets any work done around here?

This year’s NeoCon brought together a slew of designers and masterminds to organize the confusion. Although technology is now essential at work, it doesn’t have to be distracting. Exhibitors and panelists presented new considerations in furniture, spatial and workflow design to help us grapple with this uncertainty. The added perk is discovering that the office can also be comfortable.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technology has engendered a real dependency on, almost an addiction to gadgets. Instant connection to interfaces allows easy access to tasks as well as impromptu innovation. Work is something you do, not where you go. This big-time mobility trend is making its way into the workplace all over the world. Desk culture is fading into an activity-based workspace layout that has brought the home to the office and introduced variety instead of cubicle linearity.

Courtesy of Steelcase
Courtesy of Steelcase

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