Arts on Verdi Square

Comune di La Spezia
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Outdoor / Urban space / La Spezia

A public square conceived as the ideal place for arts and architecture to interact: this scenario imagined by architect Gianantonio Vannetti set out the project for the new look of the main squares of La Spezia.

Making it a comfortable and people-oriented urban space was the primary aim in the architects' mind, then this idea gave birth to three spectacular squares, made out of only one large area.

The central depression of the square stands as a symbolic structure reminding people from La Spezia of the long-missing Politeama Theater of the XIX century. Now street markets, cultural events and concerts take its place and take on its heritage. At the two far ends of the square, the orange grove and the many fountains become a place to meet and contemplate the urban space as it has been newly redefined according to the pieces of art that will be installed.

These site-specific pieces of art allow people to live the city in a light, playful and colorful way, still in balance with the modern materials and shapes all around.

Travertines in many different shades, from the lightest one to the brown material we call "Moka", ending with the rose-colored hues of Scabas: these were the materials with which we sculpted a unique and multiform urban landscape.

Travertine fountains on Verdi Square
Travertine fountains on Verdi Square

Travertine fountains on Verdi Square

Verdi Square with light travertine

Clear travertine and Scabas on Verdi square

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