The tactile allure of Decobel: trend-setting in velvet

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Velvet is Decobel’s true love

Decobel, an undisputed standard-bearer of Italian-crafted excellence, is a leading producer of velvet fabrics, offering an endless range of products that embrace every mood on the style spectrum and offer a variety of versatile solutions for the home. For walls, floors, furnishings, accessories and objects: the unparalleled tactile sensation of velvet is such that it can be used for a multitude of interior design options.

Velvet is Decobel’s core business, bringing a touch of glamour to surfaces and making it ideal for expressing the trends currently on the up - first and foremost, the “Dark botanical” or “Dark Floreal” pattern, to which Decobel products bring a chic, innovative twist. This trend is decidedly evident on the velvet fabrics Bella 4110 (65%VI 27%CO 8%PL) and Bakul 4112 (65%VI 27%CO 8%PL), boasting a natural, floral pattern in dark shades that create a nocturnal atmosphere thanks to the contrasting effect of the vibrant colours set against a background of black, shades of blue and architecture-inspired grey.

The quintessentially elegant Glory 4216 (64%CO 36%VI) is a velvet featuring stylised natural designs and metallic glints, able to express its splendour to the full in a striking, almost theatrical way. Leaves meet geometric style, creating a unique fabric that teams classic with modern appeal.

Affluence, vintage flavour, Seventies look: Cordon 4107 (65%VI 27%CO 8%PL), a Decobel velvet with a lush, sophisticated pattern. Natural inspiration comes together with the jungle/animalier look to guarantee the exotic allure of Malesia 4113 (65%VI 27%CO 8%PL), a fabric with character that brings extra personality to settings.

“The exceptionally wide choice offered by our collection of velvet fabrics has earned us one of the top positions on international markets”, explains Gabriele Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel. “Velvet is a unique, engaging, luxury fabric. It requires the use of top-quality raw materials and careful, painstaking, traditional workmanship, combined with innovative techniques and taking on board international trends. Ours is a sophisticated interpretation of the “Made in Italy” concept, teaming muted shades with trompe l’oeil effects, able to capture brushstrokes of light and colour the setting with an allure of prestige”.

Velvet is Decobel’s true love: the collection is growing all the time, embracing velvet fabrics in a wide variety not only of fabric combinations (viscose, silk, cotton, linen, mohair and trevira) but of workmanship and finishing techniques (embroidery, flocking, brushing, printing and imprimé), as well as a huge range of colours.

Bella 4110
Bella 4110

Cordon 4107

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