NEW: polyester sound absorption panel by Soundtect


Creating the perfect acoustic environment has never been more stylish. Our Celeste wall and ceiling panel is designed to balance reverberation, absorb sound and create an audio atmosphere where sound comes through crisply and cleanly. This distinct panel also provides a visually pleasing design element to any room. The flower design catches the eye but camouflages its true intent, making it look more like a work of art than a functional fixture. Due to its visual distinction and acoustic qualities, this panel is ideal for both commercial and residential settings.

Product Benefits

• Soundtect Celeste panels reduce reverberation by offering Class C absorption to increase speech intelligibility in a specific area while reducing background sound noise levels.

• The panels are easily to install; wall mounted or used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality.

Product Specifications:

Width Height Depth

800 800 40 mm


100% polyester (PET) over 50% recycled

Celeste Acoustic partition
Celeste Acoustic partition

Celeste acoustic panels by Soundtect. Sustainable acoustic solutions whatever the application or sector.

Celeste Acoustic panels by Soundtect Ltd.

Sustainable acoustic solutions for the modern environment

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