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The flattest all-in-one system for floor-level showers from wedi

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Floor-level showers are amongst one of the most important customer requests in bathroom renovation. However, in many cases – particularly in existing buildings – the available installation heights nips this idea in the bud. However, with the latest innovation from wedi, the secure installation of floor-level showers is possible from a total installation height of merely 65mm. This makes the wedi Fundo Plano the flattest all-in-one system of wedi for floor-level showers currently available on the market. It provides the workman with access to the massive potential in bathroom renovations and gives the end customer a means to realise their dreams of easily accessible showers.

wedi Fundo Plano is, with a total installation height (including drain) of only 65mm, a true problem-solver in the renovation of old buildings. Here in particular, every millimetre counts. Furthermore, the smart product is also available in a wide range of different dimensions meaning that any installation situation can be resolved quickly and simply.

The wedi Fundo Plano is supplied as an all-in-one package comprising:

• 65mm high floor element made of extruded rigid polystyrene foam (XPS), with a special coating reinforced with fibreglass.

• inclusive inbuilt linear drain capable of draining 30 litres of water per minute,

• exact and uniform surface slope which means that even the installation of large tiles is child’s play.

wedi Fundo Plano can be installed quickly and with ease: Accurately cut to size as required on site, fit into place and simply seal the transitions to the screed flooring with the corresponding wedi accessories. Done!

Should the height need to be adjusted on site, the tried and tested wedi building boards can be used as a substructure. This means that no levelling out with cement screed is necessary.

100% waterproof

The new flat shower element from wedi is 100% waterproof in the truest sense of the word. And that doesn’t just apply to the special coating made from fibreglass and plaster reinforced with plastic, but also to the XPS foam and the inbuilt drain.

With this product, wedi has solved one of the greatest sticking points in the secure processing of floor-level showers – that is the wedi promise and guarantee.

The flattest all-in-one system for floor-level showers from wedi

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