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Pendant Lamps that Contribute to Positive Interiors

Vanessa Liwanag
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Now might be the time for some illuminating upliftment from the hanging lamps by Vibia and Neo.

As humans, we need to connect with nature for our physical and mental health. This has never been more evident than it is now as people around the world have been confined to their homes. Still, we have always spent much of our time indoors, which is why incorporating nature into our buildings is so important: natural materials, good lighting and indoor plants.

Biophilic design is more than a trend. It’s an attitude. Lighting design brands such as Vibia and Neo produce pendant lamps that contribute to the positive energy being created in spaces.

The Palma Hanging Lamps from Vibia

Palma is one of the lighting collections by Barcelona-based company Vibia. Designed by Antoni Arola, the Palma hanging lamps connect light and vegetation through its blown-glass globes that appear to float mid-air, coupled with lush, cascading vines and greenery that recall an ancient outdoor terrace or hanging garden.

The Palma lamps create an interior landscape inspired by nature, bringing in harmony to an indoor space. One of the spaces where the Palma hanging lamps can be seen is at the Barcelona Gates Hotel, which features a biophilic interior that has natural materials like marble, brass and walnut.

DUO Pendant Light from Neo Design Studio

In September 2019, Cologne-based lighting design firm Neo launched its new handmade lighting creations called DUO, inspired by everyday objects and the shapes of common things. The U shape has an inner ceramic shell-like structure with a soft finish made of high-end fabric.

In a press release, CEO and product designer of Neo Rodrigo Vairinhos stated that “DUO is positivity, fantasy and desire in one,” giving an upliftment to those who enter a space that it lights up.

“After a premiere edition of DUO dressed in ‘sprinkles’, I have added two new “skins” to the product that make use of the outstanding 3d high-end fabrics by Febrik by Kvadrat, inspiring the senses of vision and touch. They are called husk and mosaic,” Vairinhos wrote in an email exchange with ArchiExpo e-Magazine.

Palma pendant.
Palma pendant.

Palma wall-fixed version.

DUO lighting collection. From left to right: mosaic, husk, sprinkles.

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