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The Versâtis – Eurokera Smart Table by Jean-Marc Gady

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Two in one, the Versâtis – Eurokera table by Jean-Marc Gady acts as both a worktop and a reception with multiple functions that are integrated on a glass-ceramic base.

Its smart platform is a disruptive and innovative proposition. It is equipped with four induction cooking zones (automatic detection, control via a mobile app/tablet), one warming zone inviting conviviality and two wireless mobile charging zones (automatic detection).

In addition, the two mobile devices (360 ° camera and connected interactive projector) invite new uses and allow unlimited flexibility. The screen-printed marking on the glass-ceramic allows the intuitive identification of functional areas while offering a contemporary decor that blends in with a refined interior.

The technical challenge of the project: the integration of the functional elements in a reduced volume of the tray (10cm) and the maintenance of the imposing ceramic glass surface (110cm x 240cm) and its thinness (0.6cm) on a visually light structure.


MATERIALS: glass ceramic, brushed stainless steel varnish, lacquered medium

DIMENSIONS: 2405 X 1105 X 900MM

The Versâtis – Eurokera Smart Table by Jean-Marc Gady

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