[Interior Design] Mosa’s Core Collection and Théodore Batiment’s Therma Mix

Vanessa Liwanag
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Two products were recently launched in the realm of ceramics and paints: the Core Collection from Mosa and the new Therma Mix wall paint from Théodore Batiment.

This autumn 2020, Dutch tile-manufacturer, Mosa launched the Core Collection, an expanded range of ceramic, unglazed porcelain tiles that come in new colors, sizes, textures and shapes. The innovative tiles from the Core Collection, combined with a fresh coat of paint on the walls courtesy of Therma Mix, the newest paint product from Théodore Batiment is a sure way of attaining an updated space.

Mosa’s Core Collection

The Core Collection by Mosa gives the freedom to create signature floor surfaces based on the combination of seven new innovative shapes. All the sizes and shapes of the tiles have been designed in a modular system that enables designers and clients to combine different shapes and sizes seamlessly, with minimal cutting loss as all pieces are used.

The tiles from the series come in 39 colors which match the existing Solids, Terra and Quartz tile collections of Mosa. Each has its own character, from Solids’ rich layered texture to Terra’s matte feel and Quartz’s robust, granite-like look. The tiles are also suitable for application on walls and terraces and are slip-resistant, which makes them perfect for high-traffic spaces, both inside and outside the home.

All tiles from the Core Collection are also Cradle-to-Cradle® Silver-certified, which follows Mosa’s guiding principles in committing to environmental and social sustainability.

Théodore Batiment’s Therma Mix

Therma Mix, the latest wall paint from French paint manufacturer Theodore Batiment was launched in the summer of 2020 and it gives a non-gloss, velvet look with multi-support print and finishes based on acrylic resin. Ideal for use in home interiors, the new wall paint has optimal tension and it insulates from common stains that include nicotine, soot and ink. It has anti-rust additivity when nail heads and staples are attached to the walls where it is painted on, providing a clean look for the walls, and is easily washable with a Class1 rating according to standard NF EN 13300.

Combining Core Collection tiles and Therma Mix paint

Using the tiles from Mosa’s Core Collection, any space can have an instant upgrade paired with Therma Mix wall paint from Théodore Batiment. Tiles with colors that range from light to dark, neutral to striking, and warm to cool would be highlighted with the non-gloss paint from Therma Mix in different base colors, offering a fresh and clean update to any space.

The possibilities are endless when you combine different shapes, colors and sizes of tiles from the Mosa Collection, surrounded by a fresh new coat of Therma Mix paint in any interior. With the aid of Mosa’s online design tool, the Mosa Pattern Generator, anyone can visualize a combination of tiles from the Core Collection that can easily match any paint color from Therma Mix.

Core Collection by Mosa.
Core Collection by Mosa.

Core Collection.

Core Collection.

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