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Pure BioAir, a Lamp by Olev that Sanitizes Interiors

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Olev recently launched its new light product Pure BioAir which sanitizes interiors, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants.

The technology of the new Olev’s Pure BioAir light exploits the bactericidal power of UV-C light counteracting the spread of viruses, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

Since scientific research shows that direct exposure to UV-C rays without specific precautions can cause irreversible damage to eyes and skin, Olev designed its Pure BioAir in a way that completely conceals the UV-C source.

Pure BioAir filters air as it enters through an integrated UV-C light source hidden inside.

Olev states that the technology employed enables the light product to achieve a level of germicidal efficiency equal to 79%, meaning that over an 8-hour period, Pure BioAir can filter all the air within a 30-cubic-meter office.

The surface of Pure BioAir has been treated with paint protected by a transparent anti-bacterial film based on microencapsulated silver ions, providing effective protection against 99.99% of germs and bacteria, according to the company.

The lamp uses LED lights, shining light downward. It can host ultra-dark lamellar screens which are meant to eliminate glare when looking at the light from any direction, guaranteeing a UGR (Unified Glare Rating, the measure of glare from light sources) of less than 19, according to the company.

For additional sanitization and air quality, Olev can supply a green kit with the light which includes Tillandsia, a special ‘smog-eating’ plant that absorbs polluting particles: It’s totally autonomous, requires no care, doesn’t grow in soil, and gets all the nutrients it needs exclusively from the moisture in the surrounding environment.

Pure BioAir, a Lamp by Olev that Sanitizes Interiors. Courtesy of Olev
Pure BioAir, a Lamp by Olev that Sanitizes Interiors. Courtesy of Olev

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