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Spaces & New Products by New Works: ‘Working from Home’ and Terra

Scandinavian brand New Works has kept busy during 2020, adapting to fit the needs of consumers during the current situation. Following the company’s recent release of Terra, it’s now presenting its concept ‘working from home’. We talk to New Works Founder Nikolaj Meier to learn more.

Last September, during 3daysofdesign 2020 in Copenhagen, New Works presented its “residence for grounding” called Terra which highlights a space meant to enable escape and connection as a response to the difficult time we’re experiencing now.

The 3daysofdesign event had been maintained because, at the time, the COVID infection rate was low in Denmark. Curious to see how the event would turn out, New Works Co-founder Knut Bendik Humlevik was glad to see it was well-attended despite travel restrictions.

“Counting the number of visitors present in the showroom and handing out facemasks at the entrance were some of the measures taken to carry out the event with as much care and caution as possible,” New Works Co-founder and Creative Director Knut Bendik Humlevik told ArchiExpo e-Magazine in an interview via email.

The team at New Works made a video and an extensive photoshoot of the showroom exhibition so that they could share the experience with a wider audience.

“During the lockdown, we had many talks about what was important to us, and we kept coming back to the role that human interactions and natural landscapes play within our daily lives. Terra is an interpretation of these thoughts. We wanted to create a space that offers the same feeling of tranquillity and connection. A space that encapsulates the emotions of freedom and safety, which we believe to be key for our well-being,” said Knut Bendik Humlevik.

This year has been anything but normal. The team at New Works wanted to create an environment that would rejuvenate and re-evaluate what’s important.

“Spaces that enable both escape and connection, that provide solace yet socially stimulate. What has become most evident is the value that human interactions and our natural landscapes play within our daily lives. It is with these connections and relationships in mind that New Works presents Terra—A Residence for Grounding, with a hint of chill in the air and the colors and textures of autumn around the corner,” as stated on the company’s website.

In collaboration with Lotta Agaton Interior, New Works designed its Copenhagen space to reflect “the muted tones and warm textures of the months ahead, whilst creating a space of tranquility within Copenhagen’s bustling center. Soft hues of dusty olive and calming grey meet natural oak, textured wool and rippled glass to communicate a lifestyle that harmoniously connects people, objects and the environment.”

“This is our second time collaborating with Lotta Agaton. Lotta has a keen eye for styling and a great understanding of New Works identity and core values. With this exhibition, we wanted to introduce a brighter feel to the New Works universe and Lotta quickly picked up on our ideas,” said Knut Bendik Humlevik.

Terra highlights New Works collection of furniture, lighting and objects as well as a collection made in collaboration with iconic Swedish bed makers Hästens called the Copenhagen abode.

“The showroom is open by appointment. We take precautions to receive clients in a safe environment, having increased the frequency of cleaning and installed dispensers with sanitizer at entrances and around the premises. However, in light of the situation, we more often meet our clients digitally,” said Knut Bendik Humlevik.

Working from Home

As the practice of where and when we work continues to take new forms, the need of a dedicated home office becomes more pressing than ever.

“Being in the midst of a Pandemic, our regular routines are challenged, and we need to adjust our lives to a new normal,” said Knut Bendik Humlevik.

“It’s a topic which attracts a lot of attention these days, but with good reason. It forces us to re-evaluate our ways of doing things. Having to work from home has been frustrating for many who found themselves in a hot spot trying to balance child care and work life all in one place.”

“On the other hand, some have experienced being more productive working in a calm and comfortable atmosphere with less disturbances and increased flexibility. Maybe practices, which we have before perceived as common sense, can be questioned? Like how we work and how we design our workplaces—public as well as private. The home office is too often given a low priority when we plan out our homes. We feel it’s about time this overlooked area got a little attention.”

New Works’ concept ‘working from home’ is a setting that illustrates the company’s take on a home office space, according to Nikolaj Meier.

“Composed of soothing colors and warm wood species of walnut and smoked oak, the environment displays our love of deep tones and honest textures. As working from home becomes a widespread practice, the home office is more relevant than ever before,” said Knut Bendik Humlevik.

“This is how we envision a comfortable office space, with elements of craftsmanship and tactility coming together in a grounded atmosphere. However, ultimately, the home office is really about what works for you. One advantage of working from home is that you can decorate as you please and incorporate the things that makes you feel good and inspired.”

In 2020, New Works released a number of new products including the Florence Table, the Covent Chair and Material Table Lamp.

The new Florence Dining Table is a rectangular version of the original and can be equally used as a desk in smaller homes or as the centerpiece of a larger home office.

New Works expanded its Material series to now include the choice of Opal Glass and Stainless Steel.

“With the Material Pendant being our most popular product since day one, we are more than excited to extend this strikingly minimalist range. The introduction of the Material Table Lamp and Material Wall Lamp allows you to bring the beauty of natural materials into every room of the house. Both products feature a pivoting head for added function, and a sleek black frame that places your chosen material front and centre. From the warmth of mixed cork and terracotta, to the textural concrete finish, the Material series is perfect for those intimate settings.”

The Covent line, which consists of sofas, lounge chairs and now the Convent chair, is the company’s most popular furniture series. The comfortable Convent Chair can be sat in for hours at a time—during meals or working on a creative project or at the desk—, making it an excellent choice for the home office.

Covent Chair, Florence Dining Table and Material Table lamp


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