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Linvisibile’s ALBA Filo 5 Pivot Doors

Vanessa Liwanag
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Italian interiors and door manufacturer Linvisibile worked with Norway-based architect Jasmin Lorvik and architecture firm Feste Landscape / Architecture and fitted their latest ALBA Filo 5 vertical pivot doors in Lorvik’s modern industrial style home located in Skien, Norway.

As a leading manufacturer of interiors and doors, Linvisibile has provided their signature hinge-free pivot doors in many modern homes globally and the Nordic house of Lorvik is no exception. The installment of the highly tailored ALBA Filo 5 pivot doors in the Nordic home reflected the desires of Lorvik to have a play of cross-references between industrial style elements and Scandinavian taste furnishing pieces in a fluid and contemporary way that is fluid, as the doors blend in seamlessly in the home’s interiors.

What Makes the ALBA Filo 5 Door Unique?

The ALBA Filo 5 door is seen in different spaces of Lorvik’s home and is one of the Italian firm’s exclusive patented doors which is completely flush with walls and reinterprets the traditional hinged opening which is available in pull-and-push opening models. What sets it apart from other traditional doors is the use of hidden hinges and the absence of door frames, making the ALBA Filo 5 door achieve a fluid continuity between the wall and the door.

It can be painted with the same color of the walls, making it invisible. In the case of Lorvik’s home, the doors are painted in dark blue, which blends well with the neutral grey hues and cement tones of the interiors of the industrial-style house and it highlights the nature and greenery that surrounds the house outside.

The ALBA Filo 5 door can also be coated with almost any type of material that includes metal, stone or leather to create another ambiance in a different style. For the Nordic house of Lorvik, the finishing used was RAL 7016 matt lacquer. There are also other lacquered (glossy or matt) and wooden finishing versions offered by Linivisibile for the ALBA Filo 5 door.

A Sophisticated Door System with an Exclusive Warranty

Linvisibile’s door system guarantees a full concealed aluminum structure with an exclusive perimeter millimetric gap, which eliminates the sight of cracks and Linisibile also offers an exclusive 10-year warranty for the aluminum frames and a 2-year warranty. The doors are all made in Italy, with particular attention to design and all the materials used during the manufacturing process.

Filo 5 vertical pivot door.
Filo 5 vertical pivot door.

Filo 5 vertical pivot door.

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