Framery Launches the First Fully Connected Acoustic Booth on the Market

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Framery unveils its latest product Framery One, the first 100% connected acoustic booth on the market at a time when video conferences are exploding in business. It’s a must for any office design that aims to evolve with current times. Read this article in French here

Video conferencing has become an essential tool in business today. According to several studies, 30% of the global workforce will work remotely several days a week by the end of 2021, which will lead to an increase in videoconferencing exchanges.

Open-plan offices suffer from a lack of varied meeting rooms and quiet areas for working, which limits the possibilities for videoconferencing. Framery set out to create a product that meets the evolving needs of the workplace and has developed an “in-space” space creating optimal conditions for video conferencing.

With Framery One, meetings and video conferences can take place in a dedicated and optimized space without disturbing those around them. This high-end cabin, at the forefront of innovation, combines 4G technology, a digital ecosystem, superior sound insulation and the DNA of Framery design.

Framery One is equipped with digital technology such as a high-resolution touch screen and a user interface (UI) which makes it possible to control reservations, adjust the ventilation rate and the cabin lighting.

Synchronization with the company’s calendar system allows the user to simply book the cabin. If the cabin is free, it will be reserved automatically by the user when he enters it.

The digital screen warns the user with a message that he will have to vacate the cabin a few minutes before the next reservation. If there are no other reservations, the cabin will automatically extend the session so that the user can continue working without interruption. Cabin accessories also include a wireless charger, power outlet, USB and RJ45 port.

Framery Launches the First Fully Connected Acoustic Booth on the Market

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