Indoor Lighting for Homes in 2021

Vanessa Liwanag
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ArchiExpo e-Magazine presents the latest lighting collections that will illuminate the interior of our homes this 2021.

This year, homes will light up with new pieces that make use of natural materials such as rice paper and rattan. The interior Moodmoon wall lamps made with Japanese paper created by Sebastian Hepting for Ingo Maurer are a beautiful example. Sculptural lighting inspired by everyday tools and objects like the Allen key indoor space lamp designed by Gelchop also gives interesting design inspirations that will make us view indoor spaces in a whole new light.

Japanese-inspired Paper Lighting

Lamps made from paper are making their way inside the home. Danish design brand Menu has been introducing lighting objects made with paper in their online design shop and they released a lighting collection designed by Norm Architects inspired by Japanese paper lanterns called Hashira. The geometric lighting collection includes a 49.5 centimeter-tall cylindrical table lamp, an 83-centimeter floor lamp and a trio of pendant lamps made with transparent rice paper that gives out a soft diffused light in the space where it is placed.

Decorative wall lights inspired by the moon and made with Japanese paper were also created by German product designer Sebastian Hepting for Ingo Maurer. Named Moodmoon, the paper-based wall lamps will be released this April 2021. The light of the Moodmoon can be adjusted, depending on the atmosphere of the space where it is located. It incorporates various LED light points that can be controlled with an app, altering the color sequences.

A Lamp Inspired by Everyday Objects

Many of us are familiar with that small tool used for assembling furniture at home called the Allen key (also called a hex key), made popular by Swedish firm Ikea and now, we can see it as a key piece that lights up a room. Japanese design studio Gelchop has just created a lamp in the form of the Allen key tool and is part of a 10-piece limited edition homeware collection from the Ikea Art Event 2021

The distinctive form and angular shape of the Allen key make it recognizable, all the more when seen as a functional desk light. It can be a collector’s piece for design fans that celebrate collaborations between limited edition art and design brands.

Modern LED Interior Lamps

Interior lamps made with LEDs are also lighting up many interior spaces this year, like the ceiling lamp called Charlotte from Daniel Becker Studio, which was designed in 2019. This year, the Charlotte pendant lamp is being promoted once again by the Berlin-based design firm and is ideal to be placed in big interior spaces that include living and dining rooms. The pendant lamp’s light source is concealed within the brass wireframe of its cage-like body, making it look like an illuminated pod straight from a modern sci-fi movie.

The two upper filament LEDs emit light upwards while the other two illuminate the surface below and do not cause the usual glare. The result is both functional yet decorative at the same time, from the point when the Charlotte lamp is turned off and instantly becomes a refined sculptural piece hanging from above. Each piece is handmade and finished in Germany.

Lighting design firm NEMO also has new modern LED hanging lights that can instantly change the ambiance of any modern space at home. They also released a minimalist-style inspired standing lamp with LEDs called the Fox, designed by Bernhard Osann. Watch the video of Fox released last March 2021 by NEMO here.

Hashira by Norm Architects.
Hashira by Norm Architects.

Hashira by Norm Architects.

Moodmoon by Sebastian Hepting for Ingo Maurer.

Allen key tool lamp by Gelchop.

FOX | Bernhard Osann

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