[Our Picks] Preparing for the BBQ Season: What’s Hot?

Vanessa Liwanag
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It’s that time of year to check out the latest grilling equipment for an ideal session of outdoor barbecuing.

With summer just right around the corner, we’ve put together a few ideas to help as you plan the perfect outdoor barbecue setting. Smart tech objects can assist in assuring meat is grilled to order, and there are plenty of types of barbecues to choose from as well. Here are a few brands to help get you started in your search.

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Grilling with Smart-tech Equipment

Smart technology makes its way to outdoor barbecue spaces and US-based thermometer manufacturer MEATER has introduced a state-of-the-art smart tech meat thermometer that comes with a stand-up container and charger made with sustainable bamboo. This new smart thermometer is called MEATER Block and it is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to an app that is downloaded on the mobile phone, where grilling is controlled with an Advanced Estimator Algorithm that estimates how long to cook and rest your food to help plan meals and manage time.

Watch the video here https://player.vimeo.com/external/345448893.hd.mp4?s=7b9ffa5bb07aae1675e61d237b4af1a2864b8cbb&profile_id=174.

MEATER also supports the environment, with a press release this April 2021 from the company that shared how the manufacturer aids in reducing carbon footprint through their partnership with UK-based company Ecologi, which aids in funding climate projects.

Dual-fueled Wood and Gas Combination Ovens

To assure the success of any poolside barbecue party this year, the latest wood and gas combination grill and oven from Gozney is a must-have for anyone wanting to be on top of the grilling competition. The Gozney Dome, a professional-grade outdoor oven, was just released last March 2021 and it guarantees to make wood-fired cooking easy for beginners and chefs alike. It can be used to roast, steam, bake and has an overall dimension of 660mm H x 630mm D x 732mm W and weighs 58kg. It is dual-fueled (wood and gas) and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Highlights of the Dome include a digital thermometer, innovative air ventilation, heat retention, integrated steam injector and a patented GozneyShield™ which protects it for outdoor use and keeps the Dome durable, water-resistant and UV stable.

Watch the video here https://player.vimeo.com/external/465016058.hd.mp4?s=df7ea3cb6a3b4622124dc0efa2fc29db6622ec15&profile_id=174.

Brick and Concrete Wood-fired Pizza Ovens

Italian brand Palazzetti is once again promoting their wood-fired ovens in their latest article in their online magazine, The Warm Street Journal, which gives tips on how to install one at home. One of their highlighted barbecue ranges is called Gargano 3, made with a concrete brick refractory material that can be easily installed and situated in any garden or outdoor space. The Gargano 3 guarantees multiple grilling and baking functions and delivers balanced cooking for roasts and pizzas. It has a metal underhood guard and a reinforced hearth with a double back wall that protects it integrally. Its worktop is polished in Marmotech with red granite finish and it has refractory fireplaces, an insulating mat, and a 76 m firewood holder. A stainless steel bio grill completes the whole charcoal barbecue set-up that provides a 2-in-one solution for grilling meat on the grill and baking pizza at the same time.

Sleek and Modern Inox Barbecue Range from Fesfoc

Spanish firm Fesfoc is also on the grill radar for the best modern barbecue range that not only impresses visually but delivers a pack with its impressive cooking performance. The Krakatoa Elite Elegance barbecue range is Fesfoc’s showcase this summer which incorporates 2 independent molten grills made with stainless steel. Fesfoc shared in their press release that the Krakatoa Elite Elegance is “ecologic and easy to clean” and comes with a stainless steel sink trap and kitchen mixer trap that is strategically placed beside the grill, ensuring a safe barbecue session, just in case the fire heats up in the barbecue scene.

Watch the video here https://video.archiexpo.com/video_ae/videos/video-116606.mp4.

Gozney Dome.
Gozney Dome.

Gozney Dome.

Gargano 3.

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