Arts, landscape and entertainment at Teatro del Silenzio

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Outdoor / Natural space / Lajatico / Toscana

Teatro del Silenzio in the countryside of Lajatico, near Pisa, was born by chance, if not for a true bet. And the world-famous singer Andrea Bocelli believed in it right away, since this project was based in his home land. A sweet place to whom the Tuscan singer is deeply connected.

Pisa-based architect Alberto Bartalini and Andrea Bocelli created in their joint project a natural amphitheater plunged in the Tuscan countryside, dominated by silence 364 days per year and animated just for one day by Bocelli's voice.

A place where arts, entertainment and landscape blend perfectly. Is there a better way to make a timeless and magical spot known to the world?

The heart of the whole project is the small lake from where some striking works of art arise: the ones by Igor Mitoraj, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gillo Dorfles, just to mention only a handful of the artists involved every year.

To protect and enhance the lake, a scenery flat made of Micene travertine blocks: a natural and raw material, which doesn't prevent it to be the perfect choice for as a sophisticated landscape as the one of Teatro del Silenzio. The travertine as a material can enhance the deep-lying relationship with the pure surroundings with a minimalist personality.

Micene travertine blocks and Giuseppe Carta's work
Micene travertine blocks and Giuseppe Carta's work

Micene travertine blocks and Giuseppe Carta's work

Igor Mitoraj's piece of art and our travertine scenery flat

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