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NEW: PVC molding by AZEK Building Products

AZEK Ready Rake is a one-piece extruded profile offering a finished look that is more convenient and consistent than laminating two pieces together on the jobsite. Extruded to resemble a 1 x 8 with a 1 x 3 stacked on one side, AZEK’s Ready Rake is a highly functional profile that comes ready to install, thereby saving time and labor expenses. Ready Rake is available in 18’ lengths and is offered in Traditional smooth finish. The profile features longevity and durability due to its cellular pvc composition and features a 13/16” cut-out to cover siding edges when being used as a frieze board or to accept a soffit when being used as a fascia board.

Features & Benefits

Cleaner profile as a one-piece offering

Extruded profile is more consistent than laminating

System install approach saves time and labor

Longevity and durability due to closed-cell exterior

13/16" cut out for siding when used as frieze board and to accept soffit when used as fascia board


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