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BERA Gravel Fix® Smart Gravel Stabilization System

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Paths and other pedestrian zones

Parking and gravel driveways

Garage access roads

Features and benefits of BERA Gravel Fix® Smart:

Compact, sheet size of 40 x 80 cm for easy handling

Strong and homogeneous structure due to high precision injection moulding process

Made of 100% recycled Polypropylene or pure Polypropylene, all fully recyclable

Sustainable manufacturing using solar power and alternate heat sources to reduce CO2 emission

UV stabilized

Easily cut around obstacles such as trees, shrubs or fences

High porosity for rapid de-saturation, even when compacted

Geo-textile base provides enhanced stability and prevents intrusive weed growth

Eliminates the use of herbicides

No ruts or pits

Gravel retains colour

Easy mobility for pedestrians, including those wearing high heels, bicycles, motorbikes, wheelchair and vehicles including trucks

Stable support for legs of garden furniture and ladders

BERA Gravel Fix® is frequently used on light slopes including driveways. Specific requirements on the application depend on the circumstances on site. Please contact the manufacturer or the dealer for further advise.

BERA Gravel Fix® Smart Gravel Stabilization System

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