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Celebrating our first joint success!

WaterUps (Australia) and BERA BV (The Netherlands): A Groundbreaking Partnership Winning the Prestigious “Groene Sector Innovation Award”

We are thrilled to announce our recent triumph at the esteemed “Groene Sector Innovation Award” in The Netherlands. This award, a beacon of excellence in the green sector, highlights innovation, sustainability and environmental stewardship in gardening and landscaping. Our victory here is not just an accolade; it's a validation of our pioneering approach to sustainable gardening on a global stage.

The “Groene Sector Innovation Award”: A Benchmark of Excellence

The “Groene Sector Innovation Award” is renowned for recognising groundbreaking advancements in sustainable gardening and landscaping. Winning this award places WaterUps at the forefront of the industry, signifying that our wicking (capillary) bed technology is not just innovative but also integral to the future of sustainable gardening. The award, chosen by industry experts, including landscape architects and gardening professionals, adds a layer of peer-endorsed credibility and prestige.

BERA BV: A global company renown for sustainability

BERA BV as a leading manufacturer in sustainable landscaping solutions since 2008, navigating global markets across Europe, Japan, Africa, Middle East and Latin America "Preserving Water For Future Generations” now using WaterUps. Available already from February 2024 onwards!

Discover more about WaterUps' innovative solutions at or contact us directly at

Photo by ‘Vakblad de Hovenier’

Celebrating our first joint success!


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