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A modern residential building tiled with porcelain stoneware

A modern residential building tiled with porcelain stoneware

Located on strongly sloping ground above the town, this building, designed by the architect Thomas Bamberg of Bamberg Architetur, is composed of several levels: a basement with an independent entrance, hosting the video conferencing rooms, a large guest area with a bathroom and a spacious wall closet with sliding doors for clothes and storage.

A concrete staircase with anthracite grey steps leads up to the living area on the ground floor, and to the upper floor, where the bedrooms are located. The living area is divided by a fireplace, while the kitchen is on the west side, with views of the two entrances and the road. The dining room and sitting room look directly onto the garden, easily accessible through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. On the upper floor is a double bedroom and the children’s room, each with their own bath.

The living area, corridors and bathrooms have been tiled with the Mineral Chrom porcelain stoneware collection in the colour Grey and the 30x60 cm size, laid with tone-on-tone joints. The whole home features pale colours throughout, coordinated to create sophisticated, elegant living rooms that are also comfortable and relaxing.

Mineral Chrom

Casalgrande Padana has taken all the beauty and charm of stone as the inspiration for the Mineral Chrom collection in porcelain stoneware, featuring random veining patterns and subtle shades, for tiles with the typical pleasant feel of the original stone.

For floors and walls, indoor and outdoor areas, residential constructions and more challenging public projects, and for both new builds and recovery and renovation of existing constructions, the Mineral Chrom collection paves the way for numerous combinations to suit all kinds of décor styles, from country to contemporary, as well as modern minimal and urban chic styles, bringing a fresh, original touch to living spaces of every type.

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware collections are long-lasting, unalterable, non-absorbent and fireproof. They have excellent bending strength and are resistant to frost and wear and tear. These fully recyclable tiles are unaffected by temperature fluctuations at any latitude; their impressive mechanical resistance means they do not warp, do not alter over time and never age.

A modern residential building tiled with porcelain stoneware


  • Via Statale, 467, 42013 Casalgrande RE, Italy
  • Casalgrande Padana