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The new CEADESIGN tap collection designed by Glenn Sestig

CEADESIGN presents the new SIXTY faucet collection designed by the Belgian architect Glenn Sestig, the result of the combination of the highest technological standards and the absolute stylistic refinement of its designer. Inspired by an archetypal shape, the design of SIXTY emerges from the extension of this, creating an ergonomic and elegant geometry - an expression of harmonic and functional coherence. The SIXTY project, a collection of taps and bathroom accessories made entirely of stainless steel, is presented in the exclusive Black Ivory satin finish whose color recalls one of the finest varieties of coffee, a perfect union between the materiality and tones of Travertine Titanium Marble with which the mirror and the monolithic washbasin are achieved by Glenn Sestig.



  • Via Brenta, 8, 36020 Pove del Grappa VI, Italy