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The traditional and the cutting-edge come together to create “Your Match”. The strong personality of craft-based cement is reinterpreted and transformed into ceramic surfaces that faithfully replicate its

surface effect, the action of time, and the inclusion of inert materials. The project is embellished by the white body wall tiling, in the large rectified 50x120 size, available in a variety of colours, both on a smooth background as well as in three-dimensional structures and decorations that extend the design possibilities and generate unprecedented interior design solutions. Colour plays the starring role of the walls with specific white body surfaces. In the 50x120 size, 6 colours are introduced, to add vitality and a fresh look to bathrooms, kitchens and commercial settings. A stimulating colour range to put together unique combinations of floor tiles and wall tiles.


Purity of Marble is a project developed from the selection and reproduction of a variety of particularlyprecious and rare natural marbles, which reinterprets them with remarkable realism and attention todetail, to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of contemporary architectural design inresidential and commercial settings. This material is ideal for use on floors and walls, because it combines the aesthetic beauty of marble withthe strength, practicality and technical characteristics of porcelain tiles. Supergres has selected andfaithfully reproduced all the veins, details and chromatic nuances of the finest slabs of these prestigiousmarbles. Tuscany is an extension of the Purity of Marble project. A collection composed of three white Italian marbles embellished with veining, which seek all the charm of great Italian art and architecture in the classic and elegant beauty of the natural material they draw inspiration from. PRECIOUS ICE: It is characterised by a coldwhite surface crossed by sparse grey veins of varying thickness.

MYSTERIOUS WHITE: It differs from other marbles due to its warm white colour and the presence of important veins that vary from golden to all shades of brown, red and even grey. REGAL LIGHT: The ivory-white backgroundis embellished by the characteristic strong, sometimes very thick veining,which starts from shades of grey and reaches beige and orange tones.


Overtime is a unique and global interior design project where you can find a Nordic flavour: a stone-look porcelain stoneware that reveals the heterogeneity of nature and enhances the signs of time and a white

body wall tiling capable of emphasising the pure aesthetics of its inspiring material, overcoming its natural flaws. Thanks to the extensive range of colours, sizes, thickness versions and finishes to choose from, Overtime offers endless application possibilities: from porcelain stoneware flooring to white body wall tiling, for both public and residential settings. Completeness and versatility affording continuity of design between the interior and the exterior, in a global project for visual, aesthetic and functional continuity. Overtime is made in 5 colours of porcelain stoneware, in four rectified sizes ranging from 120x120 cm to

30x60 cm, with R10B certification guaranteeing high slip resistance, while maintaining a soft-touch and easily cleanable surface. To ensure aesthetic and visual continuity, it is also available in the structured

outdoor version R11 B, 9-mm thick and in R11 C, 20-mm thick


The stones quarried in Trentino, in the valleys washed by the Adige river, have always been highly appreciated and used for paving and architectural projects, both outdoors and indoors. The Adige collection draws inspiration from these natural materials rich in history. The graphics reproduce with great detail the marked colour shading effect and colour nuances typical of natural stone. Adige is an outdoor collection with a strong character that combines the elegance of natural stone with the absolute performance typical of porcelain stoneware. It comes in 3 colours, 5 sizes, 2 thicknesses: Adige is the ideal solution for safe outdoor living



  • 42013 Casalgrande, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy