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The month's projects - March 2019


In this case, simply talking about two butcher shops in the UK is underrating: Smith & Clay’s business is based on an innovative approach that preserves the tradition of the butcher trade and, above all, the almost total use of each animal. Their offer is varied, from less prestigious and well-known cuts to those with a very high added value due to a long dry-aging process. All this is achieved with the aid of “Made in Italy” technology engineered by Criocabin, which can meet a variety of needs due to developing market trends. “2019 was an important year for us. We opened our second butcher shop in Buckingham, ten miles from the first, located in Brackley, and our company’s name has changed from Brackley Butchers to Smith & Clay.” Margaret Behan, the current owner of the company, talks to us about the meat business in the UK.

The month's projects - March 2019


  • Market Hill, Buckingham MK18, UK